Aleksei German’s Hard To Be a God comes to DVD and Blu-ray from Arrow Films


After a brief theatrical run, following it’s premiere at the 2014 London Film Festival, Hard To Be a God, the film Aleksei German had fought to produce since the 1960’s, is been released by Arrow Films.

Based on the novel by legendary Russian sci-fi authors Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, filming began on Hard To Be a God in 2000, and would take six years to shoot. A further six years of post-production would follow, during which German tragically died, and his son Aleksei German Jr. took over the final editing process.

A group of scientists visits the distant planet Arkanar, and discovers a society still trapped in its own medieval era.  Unable to interfere with the course of its history, they can only watch in mounting horror as all sparks of intelligent and independent thought are mercilessly snuffed out by Arkanar’s cruel rulers.

Arrow will release Hard To Be a God on the 14th September; the DVD will feature an exclusive interview with Aleksei German Jr., an extra that is also included on the Blu-ray release. The Blu-ray also contains featurettes on Aleksei German, and an appreciation of the film by Daniel Bird. It also features a reversible sleeve with artwork by Andrzej Klimowski.


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